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The international section in the primary level

Objectives :

  • To facilitate the integration of foreign pupils into the French school system and the possible return to a school in their country (later);
  • To enable French pupils to learn a foreign language at an advanced level;
  • To prepare the pupils of these sections to enter the international section in the first year of middle school in the Collège A. Briand, and later in the Lycée International (International High School) on the Ile de Nantes.

How will it work ?

  • The international section covers the grades CM1, and CM2 (years 3,4 and 5).
  • Starting in CM1, the pupils enrolled in this section have at least 3 hours of foreign language courses: 1h30 of foreign language lessons, 1h30 of other subjects taught in the foreign language (visual arts, geometry, ...).

How ?

Where ?

English Section
Ecole élémentaire A. de Monzie
Rue Léon Buerne
44200 Nantes

Priority given to :

  • English-speaking pupils able to follow lessons in French
  • French-speaking pupils motivated by learning English and able to follow the specific teaching in the English section
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